Battle Pass Sideshop Removed

A few changes happened in the past few hours that affect rewards and activities in the Battle Pass beginning with the Sideshop being removed (but you can still access it from console) and the way wagering and immortal treasures work being changed back to the same format as TI9’s Battle Pass.

The major addition is the inclusion of extra Rylai’s Battle Blessings as you level up. On my Level 126 pass, I received an extra 7 spins with this update. Which is great to see as it seemed there weren’t as many rewards as last year for levelling up. BOING!

There is a afterthought here as there were a few activities tied to earning gold for the sideshop such as Gauntlet and the Achievement. A replacement for these hasn’t been implemented as yet so hopefully these will be updated in the next patch.

To access the Sideshop to redeem gems you can open the console (use the ` key) and type in dota_show_sideshop

Read the update on Steam Website.

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