Volundr Forge Emblem: Rasmussen’s Gift

Here is a video of me unlocking the second emblem from Volundr Forge, Rasmussen’s Gift.

Pre-requisite: Hammerhead Machine Gun from the Volundr Forge and the machine gun rifle quest line – Basic Machine Gun Frame quest & Radiant Machine Gun Frame.

All credit goes to those that cracked the Norse Glyph puzzle over on r/raidsecrets.

How to Get the Emblem
Use the recticle on the Hammerhead to find the symbols and proceed in order as per below:

Shoot Flame
Stand on Sun
Shoot letters + U L F B E R H T +
Stand on Moon
Shoot letters + U L F B E R H + T
Shoot Storm
Rasmussen’s Gift emblem should now be awarded

The Ulfberht swords are a group of medieval swords found in Europe, dated to the 9th to 11th centuries, with blades inlaid with the inscription +VLFBERHT+. That word is a Frankish personal name that became the basis of a trademark of sorts, used by multiple bladesmiths for several centuries.

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