We Are SKL

SFV and CS:GO Evo 2019 finalists. 

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Hello there!

Welcome to my website where I occasionally write about my interests, with a focus on esports, gaming and fitness.

rez Who?

Hey welcome to the site! The purpose of this site is to capture my thoughts on video games, esports, traditional sports, fitness and whatever else I please.

I stream from time to time to make new friends and capture gameplay for my Youtube channel. I've been involved in video games and esports for over twenty years in many guises such as pro-am player, tournament admin, gaming network admin, event manager, esports team owner as well as working in the industry for Razer and now EPOS Gaming. I also have a love affair with Warhammer 40,000 and am infatuated with Blood Angels! I'm also keen on keeping fit and working to get myself to below 80kg! Feel free to check out the site and laugh at my lack of skills 8)

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